3 Worlds: Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai

6 - 26 August 2010

Every human being is a storyteller. We are forever telling stories either through our work or to our children or to one another. Therefore we live out our roles in taking this human race further, whether we chose to or not is irrelevant. This is a given. Every artist is a cartographer of their own time, charting the directions of the current human imagination and spirit.

Owais Husain


The exhibition 3 Worlds combines Husain's explorations of drawing, painting, poetry, and installation art. Curator Kalpana Shah explains the concept: I have always felt that all of us are connected to and living in three worlds - the Heart, the Mind, and the Spirit. But most of us do not attempt to analyse, let alone comprehend, the different levels of existence - we are merely content in the material plane. Husain has managed to intersect each of these worlds in his works and shows us that the path of deeper understanding is available to each of us.