Owais Husain on How he Integrates Identity, Migration, & Cultural Displacement in His Art

Archana Khare-Ghose, Blouin ArtInfo , April 16, 2016

The modern day issues of identity, migration, and cultural displacement which affect all of us face to some extent form the basis of contemporary Indian artist Owais Husain’s work. Recent installations by Husain that address these issues have been part of PUBLICA, the public arts festival that concluded recently in Delhi. He has also initiated a workshop project on these topics with select schools such as the Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore, and closer home in at the International Institute of Fine Arts, Modinagar, India.


Owais Husain speaks in depth with BLOUIN ARTINFO on the issues that international artists too are increasingly engaging with to address the never-ending question of identity, migration and displacement. 


For the full interview please go to: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/news/story/1380344/owais-husain-on-how-he-integrates-identity-migration-cultural