Farjam Foundation's exhibition argues conflicted bordering nations share more than what divides them

Melissa Gronlund, The National, May 29, 2018

In the exhibition 'Out of Focus / Union', the Farjam Foundation has curated a show that addresses conflicts between bordering nations, orienting its geographical scope a few degrees east of the Arab heartland. Pairings include India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, and its argument is that these countries share more than what divides them.


Husain’s installation, Inventory of Tradition, is a collection of flattened suitcases rendered in metal, with flat-screen TVs in the cases that play soothing footage of leaves rustling or water gurgling. Ornately carved metal screens are strewn over the TVs and cases, obscuring the footage in parts.


The work speaks about migration and movement. Husain calls the suitcases a “vacuum compression” of migrants’ belongings.


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